Crafting a “meaningful” customer journey, (a true value proposition) is an important characteristic of my consultancy, drawing on a background in sociolinguistics, branding, knowledge management and education
— Ceclle Weldon

Our Services

Our consultancy is characterised by an ability to see opportunities in unexpected places, to create collaborative synergies, to enhance business and social sector opportunities and craft engaging and meaningful communication strategies.

With experience in property marketing, governance, environment and communciatons, we are considered subject matter experts in reframing “sustainability” in the wider market. We have a particular passion for uncovering the potential for the property, finance and the valuation industry to be catalysts for positive change and in empowering home owners, renter and investors to find and create better homes.

We specialise in:

  • Creation of customised “language clusters” to develop targeted and meaningful “value propositions” for a range of customer profiles.

  • The market positioning or repositioning of “sustainable” products and services.

  • The crafting of a relevant and engaging “sustainably” strategy which connects directly to core business activities and opportunities for growth

  • Collaborating with key stakeholders to develop whole-industry solutions to complex professional and/or consumer engagement challenges.

  • Developing high quality training programs to magnify and unify teams around communicating the benefits of new opportunities, products or services which reposition professionals with the skills to remain relevant into the future.

  • Uncovering opportunities for cross-industry collaboration - a common “through-line” with which to build effective communication across disparate interest groups.

  • Creation of strategies to foster a culture of innovation within organisations and the pathways needed to take any innovation beyond the organisation and out to wider market.

Recent Commissions

Client: CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).

Liveability Features Framework and Liveability Proptech

WeldonCo Pty Ltd recently completed a 3 year contract to continue to co-develop the Liveability Features Framework and Liveability Proptech with CSIRO and as the approved strategic partner to deliver Real Estate training and services to the residential real estate industry.

Client: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and Australian Renewable Energy Agency

Zero Energy Homes

Marketing workshop and guidelines component of the Zero Energy Home Design Review Pilot commissioned by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) aimed at supporting an industry transition to net zero energy house. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) also provided in-kind support to this project. Project Lead Dr Josh Byrne

Client: Software developers London

New brand for CTRM solution

Commissioned to develop a name and brand for an innovative CTRM system for the trading sector

Delivered: Topaz brand

Client: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage - NABERS Training and Accreditation

New Name for Rating Tool

Commissioned to create a name and market positioning for the new NABERS Combined Energy Ratings Tool - through team workshops, process mapping, message framing and customer profiling.

Delivered: the new name NABERS Co-Assess

Client: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage in collaboration with REINSW.

Collaborative course development, facilitation and evaluation

"Get Up to Speed On Home Energy Ratings and BASIX"  2.5 hours 6 CPD points

This Future Agent@ Short Course has been funded by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, through the Environmental Trust

Specifically relevant to New South Wales, this short course gets to the facts about state and national schemes for the energy rating of homes. We look at what a home energy rating is and what it measures. You will understand the NSW BASIX Certificate and learn how to unpack the energy and water efficiency information contained in it for prospective buyers and renters.

Understand how this information reflects the new consumer trends and latest research findings about what consumers really want. Learn how to deliver a higher quality customer service experience with property marketing scripts and dialogues to position a BASIX Certificate in open home engagement and walk-through process.

FutureAgent© courses help to build resilience to “disruption” for the real estate industry by empowering agents with new knowledge regarding how affordability and new consumer trends will impact the property marketing industry.

Content Creation

Client: Centre For Liveability Real Estate

New ways to communicate technical information

“The Liveability Fundamentals Series”

  • Cecille Weldon: Director/Script and voice over

  • Specialist design/build consultants; Dick Clark and Andy Marlow

  • Animation: Ai Ikeda and Andy Miller

Knowledge Management

Client: LJ Hooker

Three-volume "The LJ Hooker Way" business operations manual

This was an ambitious collaborative publishing project to revitalise the business operations manual for LJ Hooker franchise real estate businesses. “The LJ Hooker Way” was completed in collaboration with the LJ Hooker franchise council and involved recording and refining their industry leading operational processes for running a successful real estate franchise business.

To ensure the information was also referencing existing practical knowledge, a group of 30 high performing principals were established as a network advisory group for the project. Operation manuals from throughout LJ Hooker's long 86 year history were researched providing a continuity and connection into the core mandate to bring people and property together. Many interviews were conducted over a six-month period to ensure the manuals were full of rich, relevant and practical information. The project was delivered on time and in budget and to an exceptionally high quality of production. As a consequence of this project, a knowledge management capability was established with LJ Hooker to ensure the manual was continually improved and available in digital and print form.