The totem for your business should be Djanpa (the Banyan Tree) as it will have strong roots and bear lots of fruit.
— The late Terry Gandadila, ceremonial leader of the Murrungun clan

The Banyan Tree: the totem for our business.

The Murrungun/Djinang clan from Miwimbi in the Northern Territory are custodians of the banumbirr ceremony, or morning star story. This tribal story or song cycle contains many layers of information about life, death and regeneration, as well as information about hunting, the seasons and marriage.

The late Terry Gandadila, the ceremonial leader of the Murrungun/Djinang clan and the son of the artist Jack Wunuwun, gave Cecille Weldon the skin name Berreberrepe, Plover Bird, and gave her business the totem name Djanpa, Banyan Tree, to honor her work in recording and publishing their tribal story, for the first time, in a book called Song of the Dreamtime, the Morning Star Series.

The Banyan Tree or Djanpa, as it is called in their language, is an important shade tree, providing cool relief from the heat of the day. There are many species of banyan trees world wide. The particular species referred to in this indigenous song-line from the Northern territory is Ficus Virens.