Cecille Weldon

Founder & Key Consultant

Cecille's expertise has been developed over 25 years in areas as diverse as strategic and creative management, marketing, systems development, event design and management, publishing and production.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Dip Ed) and a Graduate Diploma in Linguistics, specialising in Semantics (the study of meaning) and Sociolinguistics (the study of the relationship between language and social and cultural values). This informs much of her unique approach to strategy, brand and content. She is also an experienced public speaker and training program creator and facilitator.

In addition, Cecille has extensive design and production experience in all communication media, and has been responsible for the distinctive “look and feel” of numerous corporate identities for businesses, both nationally and internationally.

An entrepreneur in her own right, Cecille began her first business at the age of 16 under the tutelage of her father, publisher Kevin Weldon.

Cecille was responsible for the creation and development of the Banksia award-winning Liveability Real Estate Framework. Developed to drive a new value proposition in real estate, this groundbreaking property marketing framework and Liveability Proptech includes a new professional pathway in real estate, the Liveability Real Estate Specialist. This initiative encompasses agent training, exclusive listing tools and resources, the proptech Appraisal Checklist™ with verified benchmarks and the collaborative consumer portal liveability.com.au.

Prior to this she created and developed a personal time management system, Organic Time Management®, which is outlined in her book Travelling with Time, and she conducts individual and corporate time management sessions on request.

Her passion to support young and emerging creative and social entrepreneurs has led her into many individual mentorships to support change-makers, creatives and entrepreneurs develop their business, brand strategies and communication skills.